Paul D. Franzon

AC Coupled Interconnect


AC Coupled Interconnect (ACCI) is a novel contactless, high bandwidth, low-power packaging structures and circuits for chip packaging, sockets, connectors and 3D ICs. High-speed digital system-level interconnect does not require DC connections to transmit data. AC connections (series capacitors or transformers) can be used instead. The advantages of doing this include:

  • High density. We can acheve a 60 um pitch for chip-to-package connections and a 250 um pitch for socket and conenctor connections. The size advantage comes about due to the inherently compliant nature of an interconnect not requiring a metal to metal join.
  • High Bandwidth. We have demonstrated the concept from DC to over 6 Gbps on serial links. It is scalable beyond 20 Gbps per wire.
  • Low power. The scheme requires less than 1/3rd the power per Gbps of conventional I/O.
  • Low Noise (good signal integrity). We achieve low ISI without using DSP and have demonstrated low Bit Error Rates and acceptable crosstalk and simultaneous swtiching noise (SSN).
  • Simultaneous Power and Data. Power and data can be transmitted simultaneously in a contactless connector. We have demonstrated this advantage in a new headphone format.

This work is supported by AFRL, SRC, NSF and DARPA.

Sample Images:

(left to right : 0.18 um flip chip experimental die; 6 Gbps eye diagram at RX output.)





Overview Presentation #1 (focused on high density packaging and principles)

Overview Presentation #2 (focused on connectors)

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