ERL Technical Reports - 1992

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Design and Testing of a Photosensor for Intra-ocular Prostheses
Gary Moyer, Wentai Liu, Ralph K. Cavin,III
June 1992.

A 250 MHz Wave Pipelined Adder in 2 um CMOS
Wentai Liu, C. Thomas Gray, David Fan, William J. Farlow, Thomas A. Hughes, Ralph K. Cavin
October 1992

Exact Timing Analysis Considering Data Dependent Delays
C. Thomas Gray, Wentai Liu, Ralph K. Cavin III
December 1992

A Sampling Technique and its CMOS Implementation with 1 GBit/s Bandwidth and 25 ps Resolution
C. Thomas Gray, Wentai Liu, Wilhelmus Van Noije, Thomas A. Hughes, Ralph K. Cavin III
December 1992

Timing Constraints for Wave Pipelined Systems
C. Thomas Gray, Wentai Liu, Ralph K. Cavin III
December 1992

'An accurate measurement technique for line properties, junction effects, and dielectric and magnetic parameters'.
Steer, M.B.; Goldberg, S.B.; Franzon, P.D.; Enders, A.
Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on , Volume: 40 Issue: 2 , Feb. 1992 Page(s): 410 -411

Microwave characterization of thin-film multi-chip module substrates and printed wiring boards accounting for frequency-dependent characteristic impedance.
Steer, M.B.; Franzon, P.D
Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging, 1992 , 1992 Page(s): 128 -130


"Accurate experimental characterization of interconnects:
a discussion of 'experimental electrical characterization of interconnects and
discontinuities in high-speed digital systems',"
R. B. Marks, D. F. Williams and M. B. Steer,
IEEE Trans. on Components Hybrids and Manufacturing Technology,
Vol. 15, August 1992, pp. 601-604.


An integrated simulation environment for design and analysis of mobile communication systems
J. Karaoguz, S. H. Ardalan and M. B. Steer and C. R. Chang,
Proc. IEEE SOUTHEASTCON '92, April 1992, pp 650-653.


"Introducing the through-line deembedding procedure ,"
M. B. Steer, S. B. Goldberg, G. Rinne, P.D. Franzon, I. Turlik and J. S. Kasten,
1992 IEEE MTT-S Int. Microwave Symp. Digest,
June 1992, pp. 1455-1458.


"Tools to aid in wiring rule generation for high speed interconnects,"
P. D. Franzon, S. Simovich, M. B. Steer, M. Basel, S. Mehrotra, and T. Mills,
Proc. 29th Design Automation Conf., June
8-12 1992, pp. 466-471.


"Automating design for signal integrity"
P. D. Franzon, S. Mehrotra, S. Simovich, M.B. Steer,
Topical Meeting on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging,
Tucson, Arizona, April 23, 1992, pp. 125-127.


"Simulation of microwave and millimeter-wave oscillators, present capability and future directions,"
M. B. Steer,
Proc. 1992 Workshop on Integrated Nonlinear Microwave and
Millimeter-wave Circuits, October 1992, pp. 47-60.


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