ERL Technical Reports - 1988

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Frequency domain nonlinear circuit analysis using generalized power series,
G. W. Rhyne, M. B. Steer and B. D. Bates,
IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Techniques, February 1988, pp. 379-387.


"Computer simulation of nonlinear RF and microwave circuits,"
C. R. Chang, P. L. Heron, M. B. Steer, G. W. Rhyne, D. O. Riddle and R. S. Gyurcsik,
Proc.RF Expo East 88, October 1988,
pp. 333-342.


"Calibration of a measurement system with symmetrical test fixtures,"
J. Kasten, M. B. Steer and R. Pomerleau,
Proc. RF Expo East 88, October 1988, pp. 367-379.


"Simulation of complex PCB layouts including coupled tracks
with non-linear digital device termination,"
D. Winkelstein, R. Pomerleau and M. B. Steer,
Proc. RF Expo East 88, October 1988, pp. 359-366.


"High-speed printed circuit board analysis and simulation in a workstation environment,"
J. N. Hall, S. H. Ardalan, M. S. Basel, R. Pomerleau, D. O. Riddle and M. B.Steer,
Proc. RF Expo East 88, October 1988, pp. 263-274.


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