ERL Technical Reports - 1997

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also available as a PDF file
Electromagnetic Field Calculation for a High-Frequency Wave in a Lossy Transmission Line
Thesis by Hungying Lo (Under the direction of Frank Kauffman)

An abstract and the related EMCROSS software described within are available separately.

NCSU-ERL-97-02 6MB
Modular Computer Aided Field Modeling of Spatial Power Combining Sys tems.
Thesis by Jaee Padwardahan (Under the direction of Michael B. Steer.)

An abstract is available.

Experimental Characterization of Interconnects in Thin Film MCM Substrates
Steve Lipa
MS Thesis (1993) under direction of Dr. Micahel Steer.

also available as a PDF file
Performance Evaluation of MicroMechanical Binary Phase-Only Holographic optical Elements
David A. Winick, Bruce E. Duewer, S. Palchaudhury and Paul D. Franzon
Also in Proc. 1997 Electronic Components and Technology Conference, pp. 419-424 (May)

Simulation vs calculation of crosstalk .
McClellan, K.J., Jr.; Wailes, T.S.; Franzon, P.D.
Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging, 1997., IEEE 6th Topical Meeting on , 1997 Page(s): 131 -134

SAn accurate, computationally efficient crosstalk model for routing high-speed MCMs.
McClellan, K.J., Jr.; Wailes, T.S.; Franzon, P.D.
ASIC Conference and Exhibit, 1997. Proceedings., Tenth Annual IEEE International , 1997 Page(s): 110 -114


"Analysis of finite grid structures with lenses in quasi-optical systems,"
T. W. Nuteson, H. Hwang, M. B. Steer, K. Naishadham, J. W. Mink, and J. Harvey,
IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Techniques, May 1997, pp. 666-672. (MAFET)


"Computer aided engineering environment for spatial power combining systems,"
F. Nusseibeh, T. W. Nuteson, J. Patwardhan, M. A. Summers, C. E. Christoffersen, J. Kreskovsky and M. B. Steer,
Proc. 1997 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symp., Part 2, June 1997, pp. 1073-1076. (MAFET)


"Spatial power combining for two-dimensional structures,"
J. W. Mink, H. Hwang, T. W. Nuteson, M. B. Steer and J. Harvey,
Proc. 1997 Topical Symposium on Millimeter Waves, July 1997.


"Experimental electrical characterization of on-chip interconnects,"
B. Biswas, A. Glasser, M. Steer, P. Franzon, D. Griffis, P. Russel,
Proc. IEEE 6 th Topical Meeting on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging,
October 1997, pp. 57-59.


"Optimization and design of conductivity profiles for the PML
boundary condition and its application to bioelectromagnetic problems,"
Lazzi, G.; Furse, C.M.; Gandhi, O.P.,
Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, 1997
IEEE., 1997 Digest , Volume: 1 , 1997 Page(s): 486 -489 vol.1


"On the optimal design of the PML absorbing boundary condition for the FDTD code,"
Lazzi, G.; Gandhi, O.P.,
Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on , Volume: 45 Issue
5 , May 1997 Page(s): 914 -917


"Realistically tilted and truncated anatomically based models
of the human head for dosimetry of mobile telephones,"
Lazzi, G.; Gandhi, O.P.,
Electromagnetic Compatibility, IEEE Transactions on , Volume: 39
Issue: 1 , Feb. 1997 Page(s): 55 -61


"Inversion theory as applied to the optimisation of
conductivity profile for PML absorbing boundary condition for FDTD code"
Lazzi, G.; Gandhi, O.P.,
Electronics Letters , Volume: 33 Issue: 6 , 13 March 1997 Page(s): 502 -503


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