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Mentor Graphics for DSP


The Mentor Graphics DSP tool allows users to design and simulate Digital Signal Processing(DSP) circuits. DSP circuits are extrememly important in communications and computing areas. DSP circuits include filters, equalizers, slicers, etc. It is much easier to manipulate digital signals than their analog couterparts. Hence, in many applications the analog signal are converted to digital and then operated on.

The basic components of DSP circuits are adders, multipliers and delay elemetns. Mentor graphics had built in adders, multipliers, and various other high level compnents to build the afore mentioned circuits. If desired, a user can create thier own customized components. Mentor graphics can also be used to design circuits using VHDL. Schematic can either be created graphically or textually. This tool offers the hierchical design option. Therefore, the users can create systems with various tiers and levels. Both time domain and frequnecy domain simulation options are available. Various common time domain signals, such as, impulse, sin, pulse, etc can be created and used as input stimulus for the design. The stimulus signals are independendent of the design and can be used with any design.


  • How to add Mentor Tool set?
    type add mgc
  • How to start Mentor Graphics Tool set?
    type dmgr &
    This brings up the Design Manager window
  • How to start the help documents?
    type bold_browser
  • How to start the schematic capure tool?
    typedmgr &
    click on the design_arch icon in the tools window
  • How to start simulation tool?
    In the Design Manager window click on dsp_lab icon in the tools window

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