ERL Technical Reports - 1985

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Also Note: Despite our best efforts, this page is neither up-to-date or complete. Other papers are often available. Please contact the faculty member in charge of the relevant project for a full list of papers and accept our apologies.


"Multifrequency analysis of nonlinear circuits,"
M. B. Steer ,
SOUTHEASTCON'85 Convention Digest,
May 1985, pp. 116-120.


"Gain saturation in circulator coupled reflection amplifiers,"
M. B. Steer ,
1985 IEEE MTT-S Int. Microwave Symp. Digest,
June 1985, pp. 395-398.


"A new frequency domain approach to the analysis of nonlinear microwave circuits,"
G. W. Rhyne and M. B. Steer,
1985 IEEE MTT-S Int. Microwave Symp. Digest,
1985, pp.401-404.


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