Co-design of on-chip and off-chip interconnection using the SHOCC in NCUS CDK

As an enhancement to the NCSU CDK, work has been done on allowing co-design of on-chip and off-chip (on substrate) interconnection using the SHOCC (Seamless High Off-Chip Connectivity) paradigm. This new technology permits the design and analysis of on-chip circuits as well as interconnects that have to be laid on the SHOCC substrate.

You can find more information on the SHOCC Kit webpage and down-load the necessary files.

S2ibis3 V1.1

Java program to convert spice netlist to an IBIS model.

Program runs on Win and Unix platforms (tested for XP and Solaris 5.7). Command language (*.s2i file) similar to s2ibis2 command language. Supports IBIS3.2 specific keywords.

More information about IBIS and our IBIS Project is also available.


Spice to IBIS conversion program, version 2.

Release of version 2; supports IBIS Versions 2.1 and 1.1 constructs (except package modeling). Source code, binaries (DEC Ultrix, SunOS 4, Solaris, HPUX, RS6000), examples and documentation are included in the package. S2ibis2 documentation is also available.

More information about IBIS and our IBIS Project is also available.


Plot utility for IBIS files.

Perl script that uses gnuplot to plot all curves found in an IBIS file.

More information about IBIS and our IBIS Project is also available.


Spice to IBIS conversion program, version 1.3.

Both source and binaries are included in the package. An S2ibis manpage is available.

More information about IBIS and our IBIS Project is also available.


Signal Integrity Advisor.

Incorporates new versions of CFG and Metasim, as well as SFG, SO and SG.

More information about the SIA package is available.

CFG (older version)

A PCA translation level program targeted for package design.

The target simulator is the circuit simulator Cazm. Since Cazm does not support lossy transmission lines needed for package design, CFG provides adequate models.

A TeX source for the CFG manual is also available.

Metasim (older version)

A characterization program.

A TeX source for the Metasim manual is also available, as well as a Metasim test.

CIF2VRML (release 2.0)

A MEMS 3-D visualization tool.

This package can convert layout design files to a 3-D physical format that is viewable by a VRML Web browser. Included in the package are the materials and technology database files (text) necessary to model the MCNC MUMPs process.

Note that when using with Cadence, layout files should be flattened; the next release of this software is expected to support VRML2.0, which would not force this restriction on single-pass conversions.

An online demo is available from our MEMS web page.


A tool to calculate the transmission loss at high frequency

This package is used to calculate the electric field distribution on the cross section of a lossy transmission line. The transmission loss of various propagation mode is also calculated. The main function of this package is to predict the transmission loss of a transmission line in a MCM at high frequency operation.

The detail of this package is described in NCSU-ERL-97-01.


High dynamic range circuit simulator.

Easy development of advanced device models. Now available as single binary for Windows (16 MB)


Em-Aware physical design kit tool (JAVA)

(Also can be run in conjunction with Electric Editor)

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