Modular Computer Aided Field Modeling of Spatial Power Combining Systems.

In this thesis a electromagnetic simulator program is further enhanced and made suitable for a user friendly environment. This electromagnetic simulator tool is capable of analyzing any user drawn structures in CIF format. It uses the Galerkin moment method technique with sub-domain sinusoidal basis functions for modeling electromagnetic structures. This tool basically consists of three main modules, the C shell which is the main controlling module and which interfaces with all the other modules of the simulator and which is the main focus of this thesis. This is the geometry interface of the simulator capable of interpreting geometric information from the CIF translator and passing it to the FORTRAN field simulator. The FORTRAN module which actually performs the moment method analysis was also developed at the Electronic Research Laboratory. The final module is the input module which interfaces layout tools with the C interface and which is essentially a parser for CIF. The main objective of this thesis has been interfacing the parser and the FORTRAN simulator by developing the {\em C shell}. Finally the enitre simulator tool is tested and results are compared with the original FORTRAN simluator. All simulations agree favorably. report.

Jaee Padwardahan (Under the direction of Michael B.Steer.)