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The software available below is Copyright, North Carolina State University.

North Carolina State University (NCSU) grants the bearer the right to modify, copy, and redistribute the software and documentation, but requests that NCSU be acknowledged for its contribution in the resulting product.
NCSU and the authors hereby disclaim all implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. NCSU is not liable for any damages incurred by the use of the software and/or documentation, including direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages.

The command language for running s2ibis3 conforms to the command structure of s2ibis2 with the exception of the [Summarize] keyword - which has not been implemented.


A key feature that has been implemented in s2ibis3 is the capability of handling convergence issues with Hspice. If non-convergence is detected, the user is asked to enter new sweep values for the beginning and the end of the sweep. Spice is again run with the new values and if again faces non-convergence, comes back and asks for new values again. This procedure is repeated until spice converges or user aborts. Convergence help is only implemented for Hspice. Convergence specific information for other simulators are welcome so that convergence handling could be extended to other engines.


The language used is Java, as such, a single version of the utility should be compatible with the various platforms available. S2IBIS3 has been tested on solaris 5.7 (HSpice and Spectre) and win XP(HSpice). Also this version is backward compatible to older versions of ibis (ver 1 and 2.1).


This is a Java program - as such java (v 1.4.1 or better) needs to be installed on the user machine. More instructions are provided in the README file.


In this release, ibis v3.2 specific keywords such as [series MOSFET], [series pin mapping] and [series switch groups] and other related keywords are supported.


Having trouble installing S2IBIS3? There is an FAQ here to help you with basic questions regarding setup and other issues.


If you have comments, bug reports, or suggestions for features, please email them.


Download S2IBIS3


Syntax Highlighting for NEdit for s2ibis3 command file (.s2i)


For easier use and better viewing, NEdit users might want to use syntax highlighting for their .s2i files. Instructions to install highlighting is as follows. More instructions are in the s2i.pats file (open with wordpad, notepad or any common editor).


Download s2i.pats and load this pattern by starting nedit with:


% nedit -import s2i.pats


check that the patterns were loaded correctly, and choose Save Defaults from the Preferences menu. The new patterns will now be incorporated into your own .nedit file, so the next time you start NEdit, you will no longer need to use -import.


S2IBIS3 FAQ Email Comments/Suggestions ERL Home NCSU ECE Dept


Revision History:

August 5 2003: Initial Beta version 0.1 uploaded.

December 5 2003: S2IBIS3 Beta Version 0.2 uploaded.

-Support to ver3.2 keywords such as series MOSFET and other related keywords added.

March 26, 2004: Added s2i.pats (syntax highlighting for NEdit).

April 21, 2004: S2IBIS3 Beta Version 0.3 uploaded.

-A bug fix release. Here is List of bugs fixed.


February 25, 2005: S2IBIS3 V1.0 Released.

-Here is List of changes made for V1.0.

March 19, 2006 S2IBIS3 FAQ posted

March 27, 2006 S2IBIS3 V1.1 Released. S2IBIS3 V1.0 is still available here.

-Here is List of changes made for V1.1.

Page created: August 5, 2003

Last modified: March 27, 2006.

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