ERL MEMS Electrical Interconnect Elements

Levered Switches

The levered mechanical switches create a mechanical connection via a 500um electrostatically actuated lever arm, intended to reduce actuation voltage. On the chip are 4 different configurations, for testing 3 different polysilicon spring structures and 2 methods of electrical contact.

Rotating Switches

The rotating switches are single- and two-way switches based on the micro-motor design. A contact arm in each is actuated either electro- statically or electromagnetically.

Scraping Switches

Scraping switches provide a less resistive mechanical metal-metal connection. A scraping motion is made when moving the switches in and out of contact in order to remove oxides that may have built up. All of these on-of switches can be actuated electrostatically or electromagnetically, by application of voltage or current to the appropriately connected pads.

Latching Switches

These electrical switches were designed for crossbar network applications. Latching, actuated by electrostatic deformation, occurs when the individual elements are strobed.

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David Winick, Emmanuel Maitre, Mouna Nakkar, and Paul Franzon